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Hi, I'm Amber Norris. My expertise in revenue operations and lifecycle marketing is your gateway to fueling growth, improving efficiency, and achieving sustainable business success.


Your efficiency partner.

My tailored solutions are designed to streamline your CRM, sales, marketing and customer service initiatives to drive growth and maximize profitability. I specialize in working with blended B2B + DTC businesses. Whether you're a small business or enterprise, I'm here to empower you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed.


Bring it all together.

I've helped numerous businesses reduce tech debt, leverage data, improve customer experiences, close more deals, and drive significant revenue. Reach out today to see if I can help your business do the same.

Strategy Blueprinting

I analyze market trends, your customer behaviors, and industry benchmarks to develop a roadmap that aligns your sales, marketing, and customer success efforts, ensuring a unified approach to revenue generation.

Data Analytics and Insights

I dive deep into your sales and marketing metrics to uncover valuable insights that drive informed decision-making. By identifying trends, customer segments, and conversion behavior, I enable you to target the right customers and allocate resources effectively for maximum impact.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

A cohesive sales and marketing strategy is crucial for revenue growth. I bridge the gap between these departments, fostering collaboration and communication. I implement tools and processes that ensure seamless lead handoff, aligned messaging, and shared goals, ultimately boosting conversion rates and accelerating the sales cycle.

Technology Optimization

I assess your existing tech stack, recommend improvements, and guide you through the integration process. From CRM systems to email and SMS marketing automation platforms, I’ll help you harness your stack's power to drive efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

Companies that align people, processes, and technology across their sales and marketing teams achieve 36% more revenue growth and up to 28% more profitability
than those who don't.*